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where were you on 9/11?
'cause nothing happened
where I was standing
No planes were flying
nobody was dying
and the sky was so blue
the sky was so blue

where were you
when sky came down?
the big blue pieces
crushed us in the ground
no one knew why
we just stood and cried
and the birds were still singing
the birds were still singing

did you get the disease
that was going around?
the one that made us hate
those who put us down
the one that made us fear
things we could not see
did you get my letter
did you think it was me?

I would take him out
If I knew his name
I would shoot him down
If I knew where to aim
I'd knock him to the ground
stomping on his face
violence is no answer
violence is no answer

Where are you after 9/11?
are you still seeking justice
or just trying to get even?



The wolves circle
ears perked like radar
to catch the sound of soft panting
noses sniff the air
for signs of fertility
eyes focused forward
watching for submissive gestures
the alpha is challenged by the beta
giving another the opportunity
to make a bold move but is rejected
one limps by on three legs
in hopes of gaining some sympathy
the handsome one sits off to the side
grooming himself to no avail
while all have had a chance
to smell her maddening scent
the bitch in heat shows no interest
and has no mercy on their wild souls
as the poet wolf stands at the bar
and drinks his beer



tangy ginger long necked tamari breath caresses
sweet ear-lobe candy apple smile nibbles
marsh mellow belly button chocolate kisses
hot salsa cold nipple warm tongue licks
rose petal soft breast flush cheek snuggles
banana thighs whip creme ravished lapping
lemon pucker lips pressing strawberry eye lids
salty pretzel toes with roasted garlic sour cream
almond butter venus mound dripping with honey
asparagus fingers dipped in cucumber sauce

Cornucopian Goddess

Your bounty of abundant love
nourishes my body and my soul


Ode to the Goddess

your face glows warmly
like brilliant sunshine
turns golden maples to fire
on a clear October morning

your translucent brown eyes
glimmer like amber gemstones
and sparkle with the laughter
that is born of wisdom

your smile is so contagious
just remembering its joyous shape
causes my face to grin wide
like a child on Christmas day

your lips are smooth and sincere
and speak so confidently of love
I am blessed with divine faith
with every word you whisper

your touch is so gentle and deep
my heart beats calmly in your hands
like that of a baby
suckling a mothers breast

your voice sings a song so powerful
my joy rises up like a mountain
and my tears fall down
like a flooding rain

this is all I know of your mysterious being
it is bliss when our spirits dance




Do the waves ever rush against the shore of your memory?
Beating down on forgotten dreams
Running slowly off your stone face
Can you feel the sound?

"It's safe in the city to love in a doorway...
There's a shop on the corner selling papier-mache'..
...  for I put all I had in another bed...
We will Jump in a river holding hands."

Now we walk on the shore
And the song is still real
We're two of the few
Remember our deal?

We walk different ways
"You always were the one that knew"
I can stare for days
And all I see is you
For you    have I seen
For you    have I said
For you    have I always
For we are the dead

(David Bowie wrote half of these words...)


Twenty-Three Stones

Twenty-three stones
from the beginning of time
are trapped like a thought
in my mind
in this room

Once free on the beach
they yielded

the persistence of life
rounded their harsh forms
to discover the shape
they have always been

I steal them from Tao

Frozen like memories
they orbit each other
as one comes near
another recedes

in the arms of nature
they harmonize

Subtle is their motion
I must fix myself on their patience
to comprehend their cause

In the quiet of this room
they are still as death
still as dreams neglected

When winds of passion
blow into this room
they cling together
twisting and turning
to find peace again

I recall the beach
the water
the passing of time
my teacher


Think About Our Children

Chlorine            in our sky
Acid Rain           on our trees
Heavy Metal         in our lakes
This is what we are doing to our planet

We must join together
Think about our children

How many cars      do you need
How many lights    until you see
How much water     until its gone
Do you think we have waited a bit too long?

We must join together
Think about our children

Trash dump         your back yard
A tree falls       it falls hard
When life is gone  its gone for good
Do you think we really could ... BOOM!

We must join together
Think about our children

Capitalism         is the best
Feed the rich      forget the rest
Make it bigger     then they will know
We leave room for nothing else to grow

We must join together
Think about our children

Use just           what you need
Make some life     plant a seed
Help each other    help it grow
Teach our children the things that we know

We must join together
Think about our children


Dark Sea

Night on the Dark Sea shore
waves and heart pounding
roaring wave shadows
rhythmic uncertainty
dangerous desire
moth to fire
man to mystery
my heart longs
to know the depths
to know the power
to go beyond...
Is it fear or patience
that keeps me standing
on the Dark Sea shore

Love and Fall

Soft gray sky
I feel the Fall could make me cry
Cool moist air
Tears of joy for one so fair
Slow mist rain
Falling down on Summer's pain
Warm breath Steam
Reminding me of Winter's dream
Green, Orange, Yellow, Red
Colors dancing in my head
Sight, Scent, Sound, Sense
Love and Fall are so intense!


Man Want the Blues

Don't want no money
Don't want no fame
Don't want no woman
Driven me insane

Don't want good looks
No fancy shoes
Don't want no whiskey
I just want the blues

A man want the blues
when he can't have ... what he really want

I once had money
I once had fame
Had a pretty woman
she drove me insane!

I had good looks
and fancy shoes
I had fine whiskey
and I had no blues

A man want the blues
when he can't have ... what he really want

and you know what that is...

My woman left me
and it made me sad
She took my money
and it made me mad

Got a bad hair cut
and holes in my shoes
drank all that whiskey
and I got the blues

A man want the blues
when he can't have ... what he really want


Onward Great Stream

In life
I am swept away
Like a drying leaf
I cannot stay
Into a river
I have fallen
And my fate
the sea
is calling

Onward Great Stream
On with my dream

To a rock I cling
and fight the flow
but the call is great
for me to go
In mothers arms
I shall not be
The child has gone
to find the sea

Onward Great Stream
On with my dream

Soaked with life
the leaves go by
some sink beneath
I reach for sky
In murky depths
the dreamless lay
faced with death
as children play

Onward Great Stream
On with my dream

Cruel is the current
when the river is low
no time for decision
go with the flow
I have no intention
I have no end
My future is always
around the bend

Onward Great Stream
On with my dream

When the leaden clouds
turn to rain
the river will rise
to ease the pain
all time is present
in quiet reflection
all time will pass
I know my direction

Onward Great Stream
On with my dream

Before me now
all my fears
the ocean made
of all my tears
I follow my dream
into the sea
I am a leaf
I am a tree


Oil Lamp

When love is like gasoline
passions flare from a source unseen
all it takes is just one spark
to send flames dancing in the dark
but just as quickly they are gone
and fiery spirits will move on

When love is like a great bon fire
efforts are made to fan desire
and as heat grows, love will roar
consuming all until there is no more
in the morning only ashes remain
but care and tending can raise it again

When love is like a lamp of oil
There is no need for such great toil
pure and refined, it does not exhaust
there is no fear of passion lost
steady and humble its flame will shine
when two have entered the Love Divine



There the sky meets the earth
the madmen fly to watch their birth
The freezing sun burns the ground
the quiet one knows all sound
In the white sky blue clouds go by
on the paper blue I write to you
Until the time of dying all things must go
the leaves are drying in the autumn show
Here the mind that touches flesh
to remind you of the secret mesh
When the hot snow melts the sun
All things will know
it was just for fun



If you were here
and thought like me
and had my eyes
What would you see?

In Love the spirit flies
In order to be free
We call upon each other
To see what we can see

The space I fill is never full
nor ever could it be
until you - Transcender
stand here next to me


Turn to Rain

What words have I to heal
the bleeding heart that pierced my own
with cutting truth and burning light?

And what of words that can't explain
the depth from which the pain has come
to surface in confusion

Release. Release.
Bow your head in shame
but open your eyes wide to be sure
no-one sees your inside

This is not a dream

Multi-color feelings cast
upon the virgin night
but on your recall they all
seem to fade to black and white

And you wait for that one day...

How can I relate to you
the feelings that I feel
and what I think is really, really real?

Hear the thunder
Turn to rain

Oscillating air surrounds you
can you feel the sound
my gift to you
what more can I do?

As the twilight comes
we must be going on
to the west you know
into the heart of the sun

Burning Light
Intense Light
Naked Light



before lovers sleep

i want to be alone with you
in that long, warm embrace
when loves fury is through
and hearts slow their pace

bare breathing bodies blending
secret searching souls sharing
magic manifesting minds merging

truths, lies, fantasies, realities
everything disappears as the room expands
softly connected by arms of compassion
one peaceful idea in a benevolent universe

skip the sex and its complications
i just want to sleep with you

not to possess, obsess, or impress you
not to consume you, confine you, or define you

the moon and the stars shine for this moment
before lovers sleep


that moment

remember that moment
we were in the cafe listening to music
and you wanted to say something
the music was loud so you had to move close
and you leaned back and i leaned forward
and you started to speak
our faces were pressing together
my temple to your forehead
cheek to cheek

and the words were interrupted
by communication of another kind
this small area of warm skin
connected two pulses
two hearts, two breaths
words were not required
ears listened to quiet calm
eyes watched stillness

the exhaustion of living life to the fullest
of being independent
of being a star performer on the stage of life
of being on
of being there
of being good and just and saying the right thing
of making sure nothing is stuck in your teeth
and that your body odor is pleasant
and that your breath is sweet

these things melt away in the safety of love
and something seems to let go
and that feeling you get
when you finally lay down to bed after a long day
arrives like a sigh
and I think if we could have
we would have curled up right there on the floor
and slept like babies

Anyway, I have no idea what you were trying to say...



spirit dance

i heard your voice
on my message machine
i listened 10 times
then i laid down to dream

how would it be
if lovers were free
to love who they love
and if love was easy

but loving is hard
and loving can hurt
you can't change your love
like you change your shirt

you wear love like skin
it pounds in your vein
it knots in your gut
it tangles your brain

because you must choose
you have to commit
can you love only one
and really mean it?

i know its love
and that's just what i was afraid of
i know its love
and love is what i am in need of

you touched my heart
and you broke a spell
i remember the joy
and the tears that fell

you reached into me
and it opened my eyes
you moved so gently
it caught me by surprise

when you knew where i hurt
and you knew what to do
you asked me to breath
in the love with you

you smile like the sun
and you heal with the light
your soul radiates
like the moon in the night

you don't have to choose
and you always commit
you love everyone
and you really mean it

i know its love
and that's just what i was afraid of
i know its love
and love is what you are made of

i lost love before
and i felt such pain
i wasn't to sure
i could feel it again

but your healing hands
and your warm embrace
and your spirit dance
brought me back to this place

where i embrace the new day
and the love that I've known
and i will try to repay
all the love I've been shown

and i will smile like the sun
and heal with the light
our souls radiate
like the moon in the night

i know its love
i don't know what i was afraid of
i know its love
because love is what we are made of




Time should be smooth and kind and round

Not tenuous, tormented, L.E.D. segmented
micro-managed allotments of life

Time is celestial

When the sun casts a shadow
it changes imperceptibly
from then
to now

At ONE ONE FIVE NINE I hold my breath
waiting for ONE TWO ZERO ZERO to finally arrive

O to lay on a sandy beach
and perceive for the longest moment
the high noon sun that casts no shadow

I long to watch the full moon rise
from low on the horizon
to high in the night sky
without once freezing in anticipation
of what might happen next

When I hold you in my heart
Time is a lazy river on a warm summer day
and gentle rain that lasts all night

When I am lost
Time is a blazing red cypher
breaking my life into fragments of dream
and memory


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